Our Mission

Build a world class online interactive learning environment

What we do different

We connect students with content through networks users build with their peers and instructors. This is our biggest differentiator compared to traditional e- learning platforms that focus on one time matching of student with content.

Meet our team

Our team has years of experience across diverse industries

  • Ian Muthomi

    Founder & CEO

    Digital marketing expert, UI & UX designer, Self-taught computer programmer, Guitarist, Singer, Rapper, song writer, Crafts man

  • David Ngigi


    Lecturer, Senior consultant at Kenya Youth Employment Opportunities project (KYEOP), Business development manager Africa Online, Sales Manager FedEx East Africa

  • Peter Buehler

    Product Manager

    Lead Project Engineer, Army Defiant X Helicopter Engine Controls and Accessories

  • Stella Gacheri


    Sales & marketing at international results condominium, Social science, health & nutrition, Hotel Management

  • Krishna Bhandari


    Tech enthusiastic, Full-Stack Software Engineer, Mentor, DevOps, Guitarist, Building for the web

  • Manish Kumar


    Director of Product Support at nTopology, Product Manager for Ansys Innovation E-Learning Program, Ph.D., Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

For Investors

4,000+ beta testers

Advanced stage for a strategic partnership which will gives us direct access to 2 million users

Strategic partnership with a technical school that has about 5,000 students since July 2022